The SHUTTLENWS news service operated from 1996 through 1999 in order to fulfill the need for up-to-date quality world badminton news that was not available from any other source. As of January 2000, th IBF has taken over this role in the form of an online magaizine replacing the World Badminton publication. For up-to-date badminton news see:

World Badminton Online

Shuttlenws lives on providing action photos and other valuable items at:

New Shuttlenws

Final news from shuttlenws:

With the launch yesterday of theInternational Badminton Federation's World Badminton Online e-zine at    as well as the enhanced news reporting now being provided by the IBF, our executive committee has decided to redirect the web address (URL) to the IBF, starting today. New Shuttlenws is now at a different web address .

Also, you may have noticed that there have been no New Shuttlenws reports since the Grand Prix Finals in early December. Our executive committee has decided to discontinue the New Shuttlenws regular text reporting service. However, our volunteer-reporters will be submitting their news items to the IBF media office for posting. Discontinuation of our text reporting service will allow us to devote more time to our missionary goal of promoting the sport of badminton in the U.S.A. We are still keen on starting a regular cable TV hilites program in one of the major USA media markets and have volunteers working on this project as well as other mass media efforts.

The New Shuttlenws video reports will continue to be available, as will the Badminton webChannel video hilites. In fact, you should see an improvement in the video hilites next week our volunteer video editors will be releasing the MPEG hilites in an even larger format than the current 272x204 size. They have managed to finetune their MPEG encoder and will be posting the MPEG hilites in 304x228 pixels without any significant increase in file size. Real Video versions in 304x228 size (97kbps) and 224x168 (31) kbps will also be available for those fans with slower connections.

IGPB  18JAN2000

Articles - an archive of the shuttlenws news service

What is New Shuttlenws?

SHUTTLENWS is back. With a new name - NEW SHUTTLENWS.

And new volunteer staffers. And new financial supporters.

NEW SHUTTLENWS is the International News service for the sport of badminton. This service gathers and presents news from major badminton tournaments all over the world. It also provides important information for badminton fans such as world rankings and badminton happenings like proposed rule changes, top coach and player movements, international tournament schedules as well as badminton events on the mass media.

NEW SHUTTLENWS is the successor to D.Shuttlenws, a similiar but smaller group of badminton enthusiasts who also provided a badminton news service but who disbanded soon after covering and reporting the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games.

NEW SHUTTLENWS is staffed by volunteers from all over the world. For example, one of us is an American student of journalism and a non- badminton player who was dared by a badminton-playing friend to volunteer for a vacancy at Shuttlenws. He took up the dare even though his only experiences with badminton were unhappy ones in elementary and secondary school Phys Ed classes. He has now become a badminton fan and is now reputed to be a "good" badminton newshound and writer.

NEW SHUTTLENWS aims to be the most comprehensive source of international badminton news.

NEW SHUTTLENWS is operated by the International Group for the Promotion of Badminton, whose main objective is to increase the general public's awareness of the sport through the media, particularly in North America.

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Great information from the former contributors known as d.shuttlenws. Covers items from March thru August 1996, and includes Thomas and Uber cups as well as the Olympics.

This information is as provided by PLEASE honor all copyright notices on NEW SHUTTLENWS articles and register with for free and readily given permission to reprint/repost/republish.