Badminton Videos

In the early days of the web I was able to host videos here, but now that Badminton videos are widely available on today's web, I no longer do so. Here are some sources:

Videoclips from shuttlenews

Miscellaneous Videoclips

Videoclips from wartawan_tangkis

Videos for Sale

There are no videos for sale from but try these places:

  • Coaching Badminton - Lee Jae Bok's videos covering all aspects of Badminton [14AUG2014]
  • BestOnCourt training videos from the pros
  • ebay probably the best current source of videos
  • Badminton.TV- instructional tips and videos
  • Revolution Cup Professionally produced, very high quality
  • Asian Footwork Video - temporarily offline as of Spring 2009- is being worked on -Thomas Engholm's instructional video. In English on VHS tape.
  • IBF and USAB generally have instructional competition tapes available for sale.
  • BAE has All England videos.
  • Sunrise Sports has a wide range of DVD/VHS/VCD
  • Yves Lecroix has many matches available in NTSC/PAL/SECAM.

Links to More Online Videos

Full Length Videos (dated but may be of interest to some)

These are full-length videos in medium or higher resolution ( 360x240 or better ) and are intended for the serious viewer who doesn't mind spending some time downloading.  

  • 2001 Indonesia Open  - Bambang Supriyanto, Chindana Hartono Kusuma, Pulella Gopichand, Wang Chen et al
  • 2000 Sydney Olympics - Gong Zhichao, Camilla Martin,  Hendrawan,  Ji Xinpeng, Peter Gade, et al.: Sorry- IOC has withdrawn access to these clips so they are no longer available. The best way to get these and other Olympic videos is likely to lobby your national Olympic committee to persuade IOC to allow videos to be distributed. 
  • 1999 Sudirman Cup - China vs Denmark - Peter Gade vs Sun Jun, Camilla Martin vs Dai Yun et al
  • 1995 Grand Prix - Joko Suprianto vs Dong Jiong (qtr final) and Ong Ewe Hock (Semi final)

Mirror Sites

Videos are no longer available directly from However various individuals have established mirror sites to serve the badminton community. 

For instructions on how to access these mirrors, see How To Download Videos

How to Download Videos

A few notes for anyone who is not already familiar with the procedures for best downloading of large files over the net. Also a listing of mirror sites that are available.

Problems Viewing Videos

Video Formats

The longer videos here are provided in one or more of the following formats. Note that proprietary formats such as Quicktime, AVI and RealMedia all have distinct advantages of their own but since they are not available to many users and their future usability depends upon specific companies they are not used here. Also streaming formats are not provided since the net is simply not broadband enough for high resolution streaming video.

All the longer videos are provided in the open MPEG standard and at present all are provided in pieces small enough to fit on CDROM's (700MB or less). 

Movies with Badminton

Feature films and Television series that contain references or scenes related to Badminton. If anyone knows of additional entries please submit them.
  1. The Sea Hawk (imdb)(wikipedia) (1940) - fairly near the front of the movie, badminton played on board. Note that this movie takes place in 1585, so a little questionable.
  2. Get Smart "Dear Diary" episode (imdb) (12FEB1966) - searching for the Gaffer's diary, Max follows clues to shuttlecocks
  3. Rat Patrol "The Fire and Brimstone Raid" episode (imdb) (26APR1967) - about midway through - "tired of having my home batted about like a shuttlecock between two opposing Badminton teams"
  4. The Dove (imdb)(wikipedia) (1968)- Inga challenges Death to a game of badminton.
  5. Star! (imdb)(wikipedia) (1968) - shuttlecock
  6. Dudley Do-Right (imdb)(wikipedia) (1999) - mid-movie scene that takes place in gym with clear Badminton lines
  7. Chicken Run (imdb)(wikipedia) (2000) - chickens playing badminton and shuttle as decoration
  8. Princess Diaries 2 (imdb)(wikipedia) (2004) - mid-movie, Anne Hathaway plays a couple of points. On lawn but real shuttles and rackets.
  9. Jennifer's Body (imdb)(wikipedia) (2009) - early in movie, prison scene, prisoners playing badminton. Also devil's Kettle High School has courts.
  10. Badminton Bruises (imdb) (2009) - badminton is part of the central theme.
  11. Shuttlecock Boys (imdb)(wikipedia) (2011) - badminton is part of the central theme.
  12. Bruce Lee Played Badminton Too (imdb) (2011) - badminton is the central theme
  13. Angie Tribeca, Season 3, Episode 3 (imdb) (2018) - the antagonist is a college badminton player- and badminton is a running joke on this episode.
  14. Merry and Bright, Hallmark Movie (2019) - main character Cate during dinner date mentions that she was on a badminton team in school. This in Britewell, Ohio.

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