Multimedia Instructional Materials

A collection of drills, tutorials, and exhibitions that are designed to help teach badminton. These are suitable for all levels of play and for both self-instruction and coaching.  All materials here may be copied and used for badminton instruction but must be credited and cannot be used for any sort of commercial purposes.

NOTE: The stills here are linked to low resolution videos that average around 500kB. Although these show all important details and are quite viewable, in the future as the net evolves, higher-resolution versions will be posted.

CAUTION: Any training session should be well monitored and approached with safety as a paramount concern. Many of the drills could potentially cause injuries of not done carefully. Start all sessions with the appropriate stretches and start all drills with easy motions before moving to more abrupt motions. DO NOT view any of these videos without taking these precautions into account.

YOUR HELP IS REQUESTED: You may notice that the below material is far from complete. As I have a few minutes here and there I am gradually adding comments to go with the various videos- and organizing things. Eventually this should be complete enough for the average player to put together a reasonable training regimen.

I would greatly appreciate any inputs- especially more video information or commentary for the existing pieces.

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General Conditioning

Badminton is a strenuous sport which involves many rapid actions and extended aerobic activity. A typical match comprises 30-40 minutes of running, jumping, sprinting, shuffling and striding, often at full extension and generally with very few breaks. The higher the level of your play, the better general conditioning you will need.

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Start and end every session- whether for training or competition- with a regimen of stretching exercises. All stretching should be done AFTER some amount of non-stressful warm-up exercises, and should be done slowly and carefully. Streching is also quite useful after your training session.

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Footwork is probably the single most important part of badminton and lays the foundation for everything that you will do on court. All of these drills can be done without any equipment and , while better on a court, can be done most anywhere.

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Court Coverage

The goal of your footwork training is to allow you to get to any spot on the court quickly and easily. These drills are better on a court but can be done most anywhere. While these drills can be done with a racket, it is also very useful to do them with shuttles as shown since this forces full extension and also reinforces the footwork and handwork needed to cover the court. Coaches should watch to make sure that the racket hand is used to pick up shuttles and that the racket foot is always forward for best extension.

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Racket Skills basic technique

Backhand Serve

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Forehand Serve

fsserve.gif (12103 bytes)

Backhand Underhand Defense

bdefense.gif (27633 bytes)

Forehand Underhand Defense

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Backhand Overhead

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Forehand Overhead

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Overhead Drop Shot - with no jump

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Forehand Overhead - jump shot

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Hitting Drills

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Game Skills (Tactics and Strategy)

Training Sessions - general hints


All materials here may be copied and used for badminton instruction but must be credited and cannot be used for any sort of commercial purposes. Unless otherwise noted, the videos here are donated by Ed Smith who shot them during his son Jason's training sessions. The animated technique Gif's are from Alexander Lange who created them for web usage.

All readers are invited to submit additional items for this page and to add-to or correct anything you find here. The intention is to make this a good reference for players of all levels, but especially for those who are just starting and wondering what they should be working on. As such this is very suitable for high-school and college coaches who may not have much formal badminton experience.

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