1996 Olympics - Atlanta


Sorry- IOC has withdrawn access to these clips so they are no longer available. The best way to get these and other Olympic videos is likely to lobby your national Olympic committee to persuade IOC to allow videos to be distributed. 

These movie clips are by courtesy of Ken Newman. NOTE: these are large files and will take some time to download. Please be patient! The smaller movies are viewable, but if you have the sapce and time the larger ones are much better- you can see the shuttle just fine. These are Quicktime movies and of course require a compatible player or plugin.

Men's Singles - 160x120 pixels, 16.4MB, with Sound

The really BIG ONE:    Men's Singles - 320x240 pixels, 42.6MB, with sound   

Mixed Doubles - 160x120 pixels, 16.3MB, with Sound

The really BIG ONE:    Mixed Doubles - 320x240 pixels, 44.1MB, with sound   

Women's Singles - 160x120 pixels, 15.6MB, with Sound

The really BIG ONE:    Women's Singles - 320x240 pixels, 41.7MB, with sound   



Information direct from the Olympic Committee

Olympic Web Page

A personal home page with lots of good Olympic information

NBC Olympic Page Fairly extensive information concerning- history, simplified rules, scehdules, biographies, pictures, etc.

Rentals For The 1996 Summer Olympics

Jerry Moore's Housing Team can provide for your housing needs in the Atlanta - Conyers, Georgia Area

Badminton at the Olympics

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