South San Francisco Recreation Department presents the

2000 Northern California Junior Championships

April 29-30 2000 South San Francisco High - 400 B Street, South San Francisco, CA.

The Northern California Junior Championships was run in Berkeley for several decades by members of the Weller family. The tournament was professionally run and a great competitive and learning experience in which sportsmanship , etiquette, and adherence to the rules of badminton were emphasized. For various reasons they were forced to halt these valuable tournaments in the early 90's.

With the support of the SSF Recreation Department this tradition was re-introduced in 1999 in South San Francisco. This first tournament had nearly 90 juniors and was quite successful. Timing this year as last is chosen so as to be at the end of the high school badminton season and well before the Junior Nationals. For high school players this is a great opportunity to experience open tournament play. For the more serious juniors it as a good chance to test themselves, meet partners, and otherwise help prepare for the nationals.

Open Tournament

This tournament is open to all juniors. You do not need to be a California resident! Your school school or residence do not matter, and you are representing yourself, not your school or club.

Starting Times

Gym opens 8AM on Saturday. Play starts at 9:00. More details will be posted when scheduling is complete. Times for first round matches will be posted here and emailed to players. After the first round all times posted at the tournament will be official.

Entry Deadline

It is a tremendous help to the tournament committee if you have your entry form in on time. EMAIL is perfectly acceptable for last-minute entries if you also send in paper entry with your FEES. Please do not abuse this process by sending in entries without fees.

Players Over 18

This tournament does not have a category for players who are over 18, but the Junior nationals includes an older category. If you are 19 or 20 years old and would like to compete, please contact Stan Bischof as there may be a chance of adding an U21 flight. Note that there are also regular adult tournaments that are appropriate for older players.

Entry Form (html)

Entry Form (pdf)


NOTE that ALL EVENTS are being played on SATURDAY and our intention is to finish on Saturday.






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