South San Francisco Recreation Department presents the

2000 Northern California Junior Championships

April 29-30 2000 South San Francisco High - 400 B Street, South San Francisco, CA.


Here is the draw for your convenience. Please note that this is _not_ the official copy (which will be at the desk Saturday AM). Please send comments or corrections to Stan Bischof

******Full details of the draw is on the Results page.******

Under 13 Boy's Singles - Round Robin

Tom Bischof
Emmanuel Pun
Arnold Setiadi
Victor Wang

Under 13 Girl's Singles - Round Robin

Jasmine Chung
Kylynn Mckinley
Daphne Ng
Lauren Todt

Under 13 Doubles - Round Robin

Tom Bischof/Victor Wang
Emmanuel Pun/Arnold Setiadi
Lauren Todt/Stephanie Cheng
Kylnn McKinley/Daphne Ng

Under 13 Mixed Doubles - Round Robin

Tom Bischof/Stephanie Cheng
Victor Wang/Jasmine Chung
Arnold Setiadi/Daphne Ng
Emmanuel Pun/Lauren Todt

Under 15 Boy's Singles - Round Robin

Ivan Lee
Justin Lira
Jonathan Pun
Andrew Todt

Under 15 Girl's Singles - Round Robin

Samantha Jinadasa
Julie Luu
Kylynn McKinley

Under 15 Mixed Doubles - Round Robin

Brendan Taft/Samantha Jinadasa
Justin Lira/Lauren Todt
Andrew Todt/Kylynn McKinley
Arnold Setiadi/Daphne Ng

Under 17 Boy's Singles - Single Elim with Feed-in Consolation
Nicholas Jinadasa
Jeff DeGroot
         Chris Geissler

         Kevin Sexton
Mike Thielvoldt
Justin Lira

         Daniel Gouw
         Dan Stitzel

         Ali Khan
David Lamb
Brendan Taft

Under 17 Girl's Singles - Round Robin

Mega Khiang
Jacquie Pfyl
Clarice Thenard
Carey Myslewski

Under 17 Boy's Doubles- Single Elim with Feed-in Consolation
Daniel Gouw/Brendan Taft
Jeff DeGroot/Adam Lau

Jonathan Pun/Ivan Lee
Davey Chen/David Lamb

Benedict Chen/Ali Khan
Stephen Jeffery/Phil Jensen

Andrew Todt/Justin Lira
Dan Stitzel/Chris Geissler

Under 17 Mixed- Single Elim with Feed-in Consolation
Nicholas Jinadasa/Samantha Jinadasa
Adam Lau/Sharon Torigoe
      Dan Stitzel/Clarice Thenard

      David Lamb/Mega Khiang
Chris Geissler/Sandy Leung
Jeff DeGroot/Jacquie Pfyl

Under 19 Boy's Singles- Single Elim with Feed-in Consolation
Michael Ho
Josh Fleming
      Paul Giuffrida

      Joel Ballard
Zarick Wong
Kenny Lu

Adam Gee
Joel Radtke
      Whitney Baron

      Benjamin Chen
Alan Gulick 
Kevin Lee

Under 19 Girl's Singles- Single Elim with Feed-in Consolation
Nicole Ling
My Amphai
      Jennifer Luu

      Belinda Lo
      Jessica Allen
      Sanny Kuo
      Samantha Bell

      Thach Nguyen
Kimberley Wong
Lanna Walsh

Under 19 Boy's Doubles- Single Elim with Feed-in Consolation
Jordan Crawford/Kevin Lee
Joel Radtke/Josh Fleming
      Whitney Baron/Aaron Fung

Adam Gee/Collin Parsons
Kenny Lu/Joel Ballard

John Laganejos/Zaric Wong
Michael Ho/Daniel Gouw

Under 19 Girl's Doubles - Round Robin

Jessica Allen/Thach Nguyen
Nicole Ling/Jacquie Pfyl
Clarice Thenard/Lanna Walsh
Kimberly Wong/Charlene Mak

Under 19 Mixed Doubles- Single Elim with Feed-in Consolation
Michael Ho/Sanny Kuo  
Sam Wong/Lincy Suen
      Paul Giuffrida/Charlene Mak

      Joel Ballard/Michelle Freebairn
Josh FLeming/My Amphai
Jordan Crawford/Jessica Allen

Kenny Lu/Lanna Walsh
Joel Radtke/Heather Hartman
      Whitney Baron/Samantha Bell
      Kevin Lee/Thach Nguyen
Aaron Fung/Kimberly Wong
Adam Gee/Nicole Ling

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