1996 Charlotte Open Badminton Tournament

                   1996 Charlotte Open
                    Badminton tournament

Date:           Friday   10 May 1996, 6:00pm to 10:00pm (Singles)
                Saturday 11 May 1996, 9:00am to  7:00pm (All doubles)

Location:       UNCC Charlotte Physical Education and Athletic Building.
                Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.

Entry Fee:      $10 per event.  This is a USBA sanctioned tournament.  
                Non-members of the USBA are required to pay a $5 USBA
                one-tournament participation fee, or a $20 1-year
                membership fee with entry fee.  USBA cards must be shown
                at registration.  No card or fee, no play.
                Deadline for entries:  Wednesday 8 May 1996

Registration:   5:30pm Friday or 8:30am Saturday.

Format:         ABC.  Losers in first round enter C, losers in second
                round enter B, remainder in A.

Trophies:       Winners & Runners-up, A division.  Winner, B division.

Eligibility:    Open (all ages), Seniors (Men 40+, Women 35+)
                                 Masters (Men 50+, Women 45+)

Shuttlecocks:   Yonex feather.

Contacts:       Send entries to:   John Hewitt
                                   1009 Churchill St.
                                   Davidson, NC 28036
                                   Fax:  704.896.4444

For more information call:
   Jim Greenlees  704.846.1565 or
   John Hewitt    704.892.5680

Stay for the party on Saturday night!!!!

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