The Corning Crystal Tournament will be held Saturday, January 27th, 1996 at the Gymnasium, Corning Community College, Spencer Hill Road, Corning, NY. Events include, Men's singles, Men's novice singles, Women's singles , Men's doubles, Women's doubles, Mixed doubles. Starting times; Singles start from 9:00am, Doubles start from 11:00am.
  • Rules of competition, first an ABCD grouping, then round robin. If there are too few players for one event, then round robin.
  • Deadline for entries; Wednesday, January 24th.
  • Entry fee: $10 for the first event, $5 for each additional event. Fruits and beverages will be served.
  • Please send your entry to the following contact person: Darlene Squires, 5, Campbell Street, Bath , NY 14810. Phone (day time) (607) 776-7685, (evening) (607) 776-7736.
  • If you have any questions you may also contact Bill Smith, (evenings) (607) 776-1181. The hotel and restaurant information is available from Darlene and Bill.
  • Directions; Take route 17 to Corning up to Denison Parkway E., until the intersection with Chemung street. Turn left if you are comming from the east, turn right if you are comming from the west. Keep driving up the hill, go straight till you pass a little island, after a few miles you will see the big entrance of Corning Community College. There is a map of the campus there from which you can easily find the Gymnasium. The tournament will be held in the second floor.

    Thanks to Xiaoshi Jin for the information on the tournament.

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