Junior Dutch Doubles
When: April 10, 1999 @ 9:00 AM       Entry deadline:   April 3, 1999    
Where: MBBC                
  516 18th Street (corner of 18th and Ardmore)                
  Manhattan Beach, CA 90266                
  (310) 545-9052                
What: This is a ladder play tournament for junior players under 21 as of January 1, 1999. There are two draws: boys and girls. There are five age categories within each draw, but all ages can potentially play each other. Each team will play five rounds of doubles. Opponents will be determined by their position in the ranking list. The first round's ladder is random, so matches might be quite lopsided. Each subsequent list is determined by the average game spread, then the average point spread. For example if you lose a match 11-15, 15-6, 9-15, your gamespread is -1 (one game won = +1, two games lost = -2), and your pointspread is -4 + 9 - 6 = -1. The final ranking list after round 5 will determine the winners of the various age categories. It is possible for an 11-year old team to win all five flights if it is the top team in the tournament. In the event of a tie after any round, teams are ranked according to the tiebreaker rules outlined on the next page.
Categories: Under 21, under 18, under 16, under 14, and under 12 for participants born 1/1/78 or later, 1/1/81 or later, 1/1/83 or later, 1/1/85 or later, and 1/1/87 or later, respectively. A team's age is the age of the older partner.
Shuttles: 2 feather shuttles are provided for each match.                
  Additional shuttles may be purchased at the desk for $1.                
Entry Fee: $12                
Send entries: Denny and Donna Gibbs       Questions Joy Kitzmiller      
  436 4th Street       & (213) 488-2689 (W)      
  Manhattan Beach, CA 90266       Answers (310) 545-0312 (H)      
Payable to: MBBC        
Prizes: Prizes will be awarded to the top three teams in each category in each event.
Tiebreakers: If two or more teams are tied after rounds 1, 2, 3 or 4, the new rankings will be determined by previous head-to-head results or the prior ranking, in that order. If a tie occurs after the 5th and final round, the ranking will be determined by previous head-to-head results or a one-game playoff, in that order. A 3-way tie will require a 3-game round robin. Teams might have to play each other more than once during the course of the day.
Other Stuff: Drinks will be provided, but you may want to bring your own, in case you don't like our selections. You should bring your own food, keeping in mind that this will be an all-day event. Swimming is not allowed by non-member tournament participants nor by member participants unaccompanied by their parents. Please park in the parking lot or west of the club, which is down the hill. The lounge will be open for lounging, as long as everyone cleans up after themselves constantly (not just at the end of the day), and the furniture maintains it original design.
Draw: The draw will be held on Wednesday evening, 4/7/99 at 7:00 pm at MBBC. The tournament requires an even number of entries in both draws to begin play on Saturday, so entries will be prioritized by receipt date. It is possible that the draw might change slightly on the morning of the tournament due to no-shows and additions. The no-shows will be removed and the additions will be added onto the bottom of the ranking list. After the first round, no new teams may be added. If a team has to withdraw because of illness or injury, the lowest ranked team will not play the next round if it leaves an odd number of teams. If a team must retire while playing a match, the winning team will receive a gamespread that includes any games already played in the match, +1 for the affected game and +1 for the subsequent game if it would be necessary to play it. The point spread will include those games already finished plus the pointspread proportional to the affected game, rounded to the nearest integer, or zero. The poin
Committee: Denny & Donna Gibbs, Gary Gibbs, Dick van Praag, Joy Kitzmiller, Lynn Mueller, Dean & Janet Romein, Pat & Bob Scholl, Phil Alfandary, Roy Skinner, Jason Lum
From 405 Northbound, exit Inglewood Avenue, turn right onto Inglewood, then left onto Marine. From 405 Southbound, turn left onto Inglewood, then left onto Marine. Eventually, Marine turns into Ardmore at the Marine, Ardmore, Pacific intersection. Take Ardmore to 18th Street, turn left, then right into the parking lot.
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