October 28 to November 1 1998

FOURTH International Badminton COMPETITION



From Wednesday 28th October to Sunday 1st November 1998


New-Caledonia Badminton league is happy to inform you that its fourth international Badminton competition will be held in Noumea once again this year. Please find enclosed all details concerning this competition.


Magenta Hall and Anse-Vata Hall.

Schedule of the various competition :

Wednesday October 28


to 10.30pm

Friendly meeting

Thursday October 29


to 10.30pm

Opening of the 4th competition. Magenta hall

Friday October 30


to 10.30pm

Magenta hall

Saturday October 31


to 6.00pm

Anse Vata hall

Sunday November 1


to 6.00pm

Anse Vata hall

Sunday November 1

prize giving ceremony

location to be given later on.

Director of the competition : Philippe HORENT.

Referee : Joël NICOLE.

Competitors enrol in their respective grade A, B and C the competition will take place in draws with eventually a plate. The organising committee reserves itself the right to modifiy the classification of the competitors according to the enrolment received.

Matches will take place simultaneously on five courts equipped with « Taraflex » floor.

In each one of the grade (A, B, or C) meetings will occur in :

men’s singles

ladies’ singles

men’s doubles

ladies’ doubles

mixed double

A booklet describing every step will be handed out to each team before the competition.

Wednesday 28th October will be devoted to a friendly meeting competition to enable players to get to know each other.

This competition will include 6 teams of 4 players composed of two men and two women, in two pools. The winners of each pool will then compete for the final.

Each team will take part in :

men’s singles

ladies’ singles

mixed double

Prices are given in Pacific francs and US dollars.

Enrolment fee 1000 CFP (US$10).

Single fee 1000 CFP (US$10).

Doubles fee 1000 CFP (US$10) for each competitor.

Mixed fee 1000 CFP (US$10) for each competitor.

Enrolment forms must be forwarded to New Caledonia Badminton League. The address is on the front page or under the information heading. The forms must be forwarded to New Caledonia before Wednesday 7th October (forms enclosed). The enrolment forms can be obtained from either the league itself or any person in charge in the various clubs.

Payment of the fees must be done before Saturday 10th October for the local competitors and on arrival for the other players.

The total amount of the fees remains the property of the Badminton league as soon as the competition starts.

Youngsters who wish to take part in this competition must have medical validation.

The league can make your bookings in the Hotels of Noumea

Le Lagon Hôtel – located Route de l’Anse-Vata

Tél. Intl (687) 261 255 – Fax. Intl (687) 261 244

has quoted us the following prices :

Please book early should you require an apartment since they are limited in numbers.

Fill the enrolment form and tick the required accommodation.

Players must follow I.B.F. regulations regarding clothing. The main referee will enforce these rules throughout the competition. Copy of the regulation will be given to each team before the competition.


The firsth three winners of each grade will be given trophies.

Winners of the A grade will also receive money rewards according to the following list :

Rewards will be given during a cocktail players, will be informed of the location at the time of the competition.

For further details please see the OFFICIAL TOURNAMENT WEB SITE


Ligue de Badminton de Nouvelle-Calédonie

FOURTH International COMPETITION OF Nouméa


Surname, Christian name :  
Club :  
League : Licence n° :
Country :  
Date of birth :  
Classification : A B C

Tick the right box.

Sexe : M F

Tick the right box.

Please note

Address :

Ligue de Badminton de Nouvelle Calédonie

Fax : (687) 26 14 16

Post address :

BP 12245 – 98802 – Nouméa Cedex

Nouvelle Calédonie


Even if you have no partner you can enrol in doubles, the committee will choose a partner for you just write « your pick » enrolment in the grade is done according to the strongest player.

Date limit for enrolment : 7th October 1998.


In addition to trophies, money rewards will be granted to winners of A grade according to the following list.

Men’s single 50 000frs

Ladies’ single 40 000frs

Men’s doubles 40 000frs to the team

Ladie’s double 30 000frs to the team

Mixed double 40 000frs to the team