Golden Bear XXX Badminton Tournament

16-17 March 2002

UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA

The 30th Golden Bear Tournament will be on March 16th and 17th. The entry form is online and it is preferred if you enter online and mail your payment. The deadline for the tournament entry is 11pm on Friday, March 8th.

The Cal Badminton website is . The link to the entry form is on the main page.

This tournament is sponsored by Truespeed Sports. TRUESPEED SPORTS WILL BE PROVIDING ONE BIRD FOR EVERY MATCH PLAYED AT THE TOURNAMENT. Truespeed Sports will also be providing 2 birds for BCD finals matches, 4 birds for A semi-finals, and unlimited number of birds for A finals. Shuttles will also be on sale at the tournament.

As always, if you chose to play multiple flights, you must play with the same partner for both flights. Also, both partners in a doubles team must submit an entry form independently.

Late entries are not guaranteed to be entered into the draw, regardless if you get an automatic online entry confirmation. If you have a late entry and it is too late to add you to the draw, e-mail  to be placed on the waiting list.

If there are any questions or concerns, please e-mail . Thank you, Oren Shiran Tournament Director

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