2000 NCS Badminton Championships

MAY 13, 2000   at  Piner High School

This year a total of 23 Schools participated, sending 144 players along with 38 alternates.

Alameda Encinal Moreau Catholic San Leandro
Arroyo Kennedy (Fremont) Mount Eden Santa Rosa
Berkeley Kennedy (Richmond) Newark Memorial Tennyson
Castro Valley Maria Carillo Petaluma University
Crystal Springs Uplands Mission San Jose Piner Washington
Elsie Allen Montgomery Richmond  

Tournament Details         (Rules and Regulations)     

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  First Place Second Place Third Place Fourth Place
Team Mission San Jose Newark Memorial Mount Eden Moreau Catholic
Boy's Singles Dan Ha Tommy Wheeler Alex Rabinovich Joel Ballard
Girl's Singles Aman Brar Belinda Lo Lakshmi Narayan Karen Kyain
Boy's Doubles Brian Kwong

Joe Geneza

Albert Fu

Jeff Fu

Chris Liu

Chris Lim

Lester DelRosario

Crhis Canivel

Girl's Doubles Joanna Huang

Eachan Chou

Emery Tung

Deborah Chang

Jessica Lam

Tiffany Kwong

Lilian Chan

Kelly Dunnagan

Mixed Doubles Alan Chan

Daphne Lee

David Fung

Wycee Devera

Eddie Reyes

Kim Dinh

Jill Dimaano

Ron Miranda


A listing of all the eligible players.


A complete description of the tournament, including match numbers and scores, and final team score totals.

Souvenirs  --  orderable until MAY 29, 2000  -- order form below

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State Championships

All players who placed (see above) have been invited to progress to the State Championships, which this year will be held in the bay area on June 24/25.

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