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   Friday, April 14 - Sunday, April 16     

HOSTED BY Stanford  University

Last updated: 2-16-00

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Entry Form:  All entry forms must be postmarked Monday, April 3rd, 2000. All late entries will be charged an additional $3 per person per event.  Late entries may or may not be accepted (depending on the space available).  Please e-mail Josh Wong with your name, affiliation, and postal address if you are interested in receiving an entry form in the mail.

Downloadable Entry Forms -
    Click here for Microsoft Word document
    Click here for HTML document

 - Men's Singles
 - Women's Singles
 - Men's Doubles
 - Women's Doubles
 - Mixed Doubles.

- Each player may only enter two events.  Each team may only submit two entries per event.
- Participants must be enrolled  as a fulltime undergraduate student in college and be in passing academic standing.  Below is a registrar form that must be filled out
   by your college's proper authorities.

Downloadable Eligibility Form -
     Click here for Microsoft  Word Document
     Click here for HTML document

Single elimination with consolation bracket for first round losers.

Team competition:  Each player will earn points for his/her college depending on how high they finish in each event.
8 points = winner
5 points = runner-up
3 points = semi-finalist
2 points = quarter finalist
1 point = round of 16

each round = the sum of the previous 2

Team trophy as well as prizes for 1st place, runner up, and consolation winners in all events.

$15 for 1st event,  $12 for additional event.  ***Cash or Check only***

Competition Site:
All matches will be played at the Burnham/Ford Recreation Center on Stanford campus.  Ford Center houses 8 courts and can be located through the Stanford homepage map site: http://www.stanford.edu/home/visitors/maps.html.  Parking and local area maps are also available at this site.

Travelling and Accomodations:
- There are two airports that one can fly into:  San Francisco International Airport (~23.5 miles away) or San Jose International Airport (~16.6 miles away).

- Information regarding shuttles or car rentals to and from the airport can be found on their respective websites.  One can also take CalTrain from the Millbrae
   station to the Palo Alto station if flying into S.F. or take the Santa Clara station to Palo Alto if flying in from San Jose.  There are free buses that service Stanford and
   the local area which you can take from the Palo Alto station into Stanford campus.

- Hotel listings with price ranges and distances from Stanford campus can be found here.

Schedule:   Friday, April 14th - Check in, open gym.  Possible opening round play if there are enough of entries.
                            Saturday, April 15th - Tournament play
                            Sunday, April 16th - Continued tournament play plus finals.

                            More detail to come...

Any questions should be directed to:

Josh Wong
PO Box 15522
Stanford, CA 94309
(650) 497-6119