String Tension

Notes regarding the influence of STRINGING on badminton.

What strings are best? Thin strings or thick strings, gut or synthetic? How tight should the strings be? These issues clearly have a major impact on our sport yet there does not appear to be complete agreement on the answers. Posted below are various articles that at least define some of the issues. Search the web and you'll find very many opinions.

My own experience says that the answers here are highly complex. I've tried various strings at tensions up to 35+ lbs and find that for a specific racket each string has wide variety of behaviors between say 15 and 35 lbs. Some clearly reach elastic limits and get very mushy, some have ranges which are flat but higher or lower are quite nice. No string I've ever tried lasts more than a very short time at 35lbs (grommets are almost as bad- they die very quickly with very high tensions) but some have really nice feel. Bottom line is that every player/string/racket combination is different. Use what works well for you and don't be influenced by others.

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