Badminton Video FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions related to Badminton videos

  1. How Do I downloads videos? See the How to Download page.
  2. I'm having trouble accessing the downloads. What is the problem? Most likely the server you are accessing is busy. Existing servers generally restrict the number of simultaneous downloads due to limited bandwidth. Without this restriction downloads become unusabley slow. So keep trying!
  3. Should I use an automated download engine? Sure- but ONLY for one download at a time! Some users abuse the servers by using automated engines to hog as many simultaneous downloads as they can get. This shuts out all other users so is very rude. Set you engine for one download at a time.
  4. Why aren't more videos available for download? Really comes down to money- keeping a download server online is cheap but providing enough bandwidth for reasonable downloads is expensive. This is the primary reason why the various servers ( mirrors) have only been online for limited periods.
  5. Where else can I get videos? At the moment the best source is ebay . There are several folks selling DVD's.

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