1998 US Junior National Championships

July 9-12, 1998 at Orange County Badminton Club, Anaheim, CA.

Final Results

Under-12 Boys Singles
(1st) Vincent Nguy (Silver Spring, MD)[1-seed] def.
(2nd) Danny Gouw (San Jose, CA)[2-seed] : 15-7, 14-17, 18-17
(3rd) Justin Lira (Lakewood, CA)[3/4-seed] def.
(4th) Michael Gibbs (Redondo Beach, CA)[3/4-seed]: 15-10, 15-11
(5th) Brendan Taft
Under-14 Boys Singles
(1st) Eric Go (Palo Alto, CA)[1-seed] def.
(2nd) Mike Chansawangpuvana (Orange, CA): 15-1, 15-11
(3rd) Adam Scholl (Manhattan Beach, CA)[2-seed] def.
(4th) Cliff Pirato (Miller Place, NY)[3/4-seed]: 15-6, 15-5
Under-16 Boys Singles
(1st) Raymond Wong (Pleasant Hills, CA)[2-seed] def.
(2nd) Rohit Prakash (Concord, NC)[3/4-seed]: 13-15, 15-9, 15-5
(3rd) Danny Gibbs (Redondo Beach, CA)[3/4-seed] def.
(4th) Raju Rai (Lawrenceville, GA): 15-12, 15-9
Under-19 Boys Singles
(1st) James Young (Palo Alto, CA)[3/4-seed] def.
(2nd) Daniel Chen (Union City, CA): 17-14, 15-6
(3rd) Adam Holleran (Colorado Springs, CO)[2-seed] def.
(4th) Stephen Cahyadi (Daly City, CA): 15-4, 18-16
Under-21 Boys Singles
(1st) Howard Bach (Colorado Springs, CO)[1-seed] def.
(2nd) Bob Malaythong (Colorado Springs, CO)[2-seed]: 15-5, 15-7
(3rd) Amarit Rojsirivit (Alta Loma, CA)[3/4-seed] def.
(4th) David Welch (Colorado Springs, CO)[3/4-seed]: 15-1, 17-15
Under-12 Girls Singles
(1st) Eva Lee (Cupertino, CA)[1-seed] def.
(2nd) Kylynn McKinley (Marblehead, MA)[2-seed]: 11-0, 11-0
(3rd) Samantha Junadasa (Long Beach, CA) def.
(4th) Kumiko Yamazaki (Greenwich, CT): 11-5, 11-1
(5th) Daphne Ng (South San Francisco, CA)
Under-14 Girls Singles
(1st) Clarice Thenard (Alameda, CA)[1-seed] def.
(2nd) Emily Noyes (Marblehead, MA)[2-seed]: 11-1, 11-1
(3rd) Danielle Korshak (Miller Place, NY)[3/4-seed] def.
(4th) Ryan McManus (Marblehead, MA)[3/4-seed]: 11-7, 11-2
Under-16 Girls Singles
(1st) Elie Wu (Arcadia, CA) def.
(2nd) Erin Hois (Downers Grove, IL)[1-seed]: 11-1, 11-1
(3rd) Bonnie Wong (Pleasant Hills, CA)[2-seed] def.
(4th) Amy Nguy (Silver Spring, MD)[3/4-seed]:  injury default
Under-19 Girls Singles
(1st) Elie Wu (Arcadia, CA) def.
(2nd) Erin Hois (Downers Grove, IL)[1-seed]: 11-1, 11-6
(3rd) Penelope Salac (Woodland Hills, CA)[2-seed] def.
(4th) Alison Brown (Miller Place, NY)[1-seed]: 12-10, 6-11, 11-4
Under-21 Girls Singles
(1st) Dina Grinshteyn (San Antonio, TX)
(2nd) Erika Zayas (Newark, CA)
     Final round robin match:
     Dina Grinshteyn (San Antonio, TX) def. Erika Zayas
          (Newark, CA): 11-2, 11-1
Under-12 Boys Doubles
(1st) Daniel Gouw (San Jose, CA)/Justin Lira (Lakewood, CA
          [1-seed] def.
(2nd) Arnold Setiadi (San Francisco, CA)/Jonathan Pun
          (Millbrae, CA): 15-7, 15-11
(3rd) Danny Gibbs (Redondo Beach, CA)/Brendan Taft
          (Orange, CA) def.
(4th) Charlie Hsu (Manhattan Beach)/Nikhil Ashra
          (Greenwich, CT): 15-10, 15-12
(5th) Cameron Ng (South San Francisco, CA)/Tom Bischof 
          (Santa Rosa, CA): 15-7, 15-11
Under-14 Boys Doubles
(1st) Eric Go (Palo Alto, CA)/Adam Scholl (Manhattan Beach, CA)
          [1-seed] def.
(2nd) Mike Chansawangpuvana (Orange, CA)/Nick Mangkalakiri
          (Orange, CA)[3/4-seed]: 15-3, 17-14
(3rd) Matt Sakulrattanakom (Orange, CA)/Jeffrey Soonlan
          (Orange, CA) def.
(4th) Chris Mitromaras(Miller Place, NY)/Cliff Pirato
          (Miller Place, NY)[3/4-seed]: 17-15, 7-15, 18-16
Under-16 Boys Doubles
(1st) Raju Rai (Lawrenceville, GA)/Raymond Wong
          (Pleasant Hills, CA)[2-seed] def.
(2nd) Isaac Alwine (Wooster, OH)/Danny Gibbs (Redondo Beach, CA
          [1-seed]: 15-6, 15-3
(3rd) Michael Ho (Palo Alto, CA)/Howard Lam (Cupertino, CA)
          [3/4-seed] def.
(4th) Andrew Busse (Marblehead, MA)/Rohit Prakash (Concord, NC)
          [3/4-seed]: 15-10, 18-17
Under-19 Boys Doubles
(1st) Bob Malaythong (Colorado Springs, CO)/ Ryan Miglin
          (Colorado Springs,CO) def.
(2nd) Adam Holleran (Colorado Springs, CO)/Trevor Lai
          (Dover, MA): 15-6, 15-6
(3rd) Nelson Chu (Alhambra, CA)/Binh V. Tran
          (San Gabriel, CA) def.
(4th) Eric Chen (Fremont, CA)/Simon Han
          (Fremont, CA): 15-6, 13-15, 15-11
21 Boys Doubles
(1st) Bob Malaythong (Colorado Springs, CO)/David Welch
          (Colorado Springs, CO)[1-seed] def.
(2nd) Amarit Rojsirivit (Alta Loma, CA)/James Young
          (Palo Alto, CA)[2-seed]: 15-8, 12-15, 18-14
(3rd) T Do (Milpitas, CA)/Nhon Nguyen (Milpitas, CA) def.
(4th) Wook Kim (Garden Grove, CA)/Tam Nguyen
          (Garden Grove, CA): 15-11, 15-12
Under-12 Girls Doubles
(1st) Ryan McManus (Marblehead, MA)/Maggie Suydam
          (Marblehead, MA)[1-seed] def.
(2nd) Kaley Scholl (Manhattan Beach, CA)/Kumiko Yamazaki
          (Greenwich, CT)[2-seed]: 15-0, 15-0
(3rd/4th) Daphne Ng (South San Francisco, CA)/Samantha Jinadasa
          (Long Beach, CA)
(3rd/4th) Kylynn McKinley (Marblehead, MA)/Noyes (Marblehead, MA)
Under-14 Girls Doubles
(1st) Eva Lee (Cupertino, CA)/Clarice Thenard (Alameda, CA
          [1-seed] def.
(2nd) Kristen Davis (Manhattan Beach, CA)/Kelly Mothner
          (Manhattan Beach, CA)[2-seed]: 15-11, 15-8
(3rd) Connie Hwang (Rowland Heights, CA)/Panita Phongasavithas
          (Anaheim Hills, CA) def.
(4th) Lee Ann Alwine (Wooster, OH)/Danielle Korshak
          (Miller Place, NY): 18-14,15-4
Under-16 Girls Doubles
(1st) Casey Peters (Manhattan Beach, CA)/Bonnie Wong
          (Pleasant Hills, CA)[2-seed] def.
(2nd) K Byrne (Madison, WI)/Jennifer Coleman (Madison, WI)
          [1-seed]: 3-15, 15-11, 15-10
(3rd) Jessica Allen (Cupertino, CA)/May Mangkalakiri
          (Orange, CA)[3/4-seed] def.
(4th) Alana Ackerman (Madison, WI)/Keri La Salla
          (Sound Beach, NY)[3/4-seed]: 15-11, 9-15, 15-9
Under-19 Girls Doubles
(1st) May Mangkalakiri (Orange, CA)/Elie Wu (Arcadia, CA) def.
(2nd) Amy Nguy (Silver Spring, MD)/Casey Peters
          (Manhattan Beach, CA)[2-seed]: 15-9, 15-4
(3rd) Alison Brown (Miller Place)/Penelope Salac
          (Woodland Hills, CA)[3/4-seed] def.
(4th) Kristin Artman (Fenton, MO)/Erin Hois
          (Downers Grove, IL)[3/4-seed]: 15-12, 16-18, 15-8
Under-21 Girls Doubles
[Round robin 12-team competitions completed on July 11, 1998]
(1st) Alison Brown/Dina Grinshteyn (NY/TX)
(2nd) Casey Peters/Jamie Britton (S.CA)
(3rd) Alice Tung/Erika Zayas (N.CA)
Under-12 Mixed Doubles
(1st) Daniel Gouw (San Jose, CA)/Eva Lee (Cupertino, CA
          [1-seed] def.
(2nd) Arnold Setiadi (San Francisco, CA)/Samantha Jinadasa
          (Long Beach, CA): 15-2, 15-4
(3rd) Michael Gibbs (Redondo Beach, CA)/Kaley Scholl
          (Manhattan Beach, CA) def.
(4th) Cameron Ng (South San Francisco, CA)/Daphne Ng
          (South San Francisco, CA): 18-15, 17-16
Under-14 Mixed Doubles
(1st) Eric Go (Palo Alto, CA)/Clarice Thenard (Alameda, CA)
          [1-seed] def.
(2nd) Adam Scholl (Manhattan Beach, CA)/Emily Noyes
          (Marblehead, MA)[2-seed]: 15-6, 15-6
(3rd) Mike Chansawangpuvana (Orange, CA)/Panita Phongasavithas
          (Anaheim Hills, CA) def.
(4th) Cliff Pirato (Miller Place, NY)/Danielle Korshak
          (Miller Place, NY)[3/4-seed]: 15-2, 15-1
Under-16 Mixed Doubles
(1st) Raymond Wong (Pleasant Hills, CA)/Bonnie Wong
          (Pleasant Hills, CA)[1-seed] def.
(2nd) Rohit Prakash (Concord, NC)/Jennifer Coleman
          (Madison, WI)[2-seed]: 15-7, 15-12
(3rd) Danny Gibbs (Redondo Beach, CA)/Keri La Salla
          (Sound Beach, NY)[3/4-seed] def.
(4th) Isaac Alwine (Wooster, OH)/Lee Ann Alwine
          (Wooster, OH): 15-3, 14-17, 15-10
Under-19 Mixed Doubles
(1st) Howard Bach (Colorado Springs, CO)/Carrie Bach
          (San Francisco, CA)[1-seed] def
(2nd) Ryan Miglin (Colorado Springs, CO)/Janae Mertens
          (Manhattan Beach, CA)[2-seed]: 6-15, 15-9, 15-6
(3rd) James Young (Palo Alto, CA)/Penelope Salac
          (Woodland Hills, CA)[3/4-seed] def.
(4th) Binh V. Tran (San Gabriel, CA)/Tammy Phan
          (West Covina, CA): 15-3, 15-9
Under-21 Mixed Doubles
(1st) Ryan Miglin (Colorado Springs, CO)/Janae Mertens
          (Manhattan Beach, CA)[2-seed] def.
(2nd) David Welch (Colorado Springs, CO)/Dina Grinshteyn
          (San Antonio, TX)[1-seed]: 17-15, 15-11
(3rd) Daniel Palumbo (Newark, CA)/Erika Zayas
          (Newark, CA) def.
(4th) Tai Nguyen (San Jose, CA)/Thuy Van
          (San Jose, CA): 15-10, 15-9

Full Draw Sheets

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