CNY Badminton Tournament 1996

The first Syracuse Badminton Tournament was held September 21, 1996 at 
Onondaga Community College in Syracuse, New York. It was a great success 
with competition taking place from early morning into the late evening. 
The results are as follows:

Mens Singles A: 
	1. Leo (last name unknown) from Penn State
	2. Michael Crampton (Cooperstown, NY)

Mens Singles B:
	1. Ho Yen Chang (Syracuse University)
	2. Moreshua Purandare (Syracuse, NY)

Mens Singles C:
	1. Brian G. Fay (Syracuse, NY)
	2. Jimmy Zhen (Penn State)

Mens Singles D:
	1. George McConville (Syracuse, NY)
	2. Chris Barkley (SUNY Brockport)

Ladies Singles A:
	1. Kristen Johnson (Buffalo, NY)
	2. Susanna Chong (Cornell University)

Ladies Singles B:
	1. Mary Jeannette (Syracuse, NY)
	2. Elaine Buckthal (Ithaca, NY)

Mens Doubles A:
	1. Fu Long & Dennis Shaiu (Syracuse University) by default
	2. Vajira Samarassooriya & Ho Yen Chang (Syracuse University)

Mens Doubles B:
	1. Richard Caputi & Sal Salim (Buffalo)
	2. Wonen Shen & Fred Wu (Penn State)

Mens Doubles C:
	1. Moreshua Purandare & Brian G. Fay (Syracuse)
	2. Kune Zang Yang & Wang Song (Syracuse University)

Mens Doubles D:
	1. Brian Sabbey & David Post (Cornell)
	2. Myer Novak & Ramesh Gaskar (Syracuse)

Ladies Doubles A:
	1. Kristen Johnson & Aniya Marathe (Buffalo)
	2. Susanna Chong (Cornell) & Sue Robinson (Syracuse)

Ladies Doubles B:
	1. Vida Tsang & June Shi (Penn State)
	2. Bee Stevens & Elaine Brigman (Rochester)

Mixed Doubles A:
	1. Xiaashi Jin & Susanna Chong (Cornell)
	2. Richard Coputi & Aniya Marathe (Buffalo)

Mixed Doubles B:
	1. Warren Shen & Vida Tsang (Penn State)
	2. Leo & Kizi Ayub O'Neil (Penn State)

Mixed Doubles C:
	1. David Ootlepp & Pat Ootlepp (Buffalo)
	2. Nor-Azlan Nordin & Aiko Fiujii (Penn State)

Mixed Doubles D:
	1. Wayne Brigman & Elaine Brigman (Rochester)
	2. George McConville & Muriel Smith (Syracuse)

Posted as provided by: (Brian G. Fay). Last update: 23OCT96